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Recover-SSD.Com honors your privacy. Our Firm will not sell, loan or rent out any of our client's information to any third parties. Every single bit of information that is submitted to us is securely stored here at our headquarters. Customer Data is never shared for any reason whatsoever. A non-disclosure agreements (NDA) may be signed by us when requested but must be in advance of any services that are started. Get your NDA here. Then send to us on email,  Contact - ThisWebsite *Dot* Com. Questions call our toll-free number located at the top of our website.

Check Your Client Order Status Live | Forgot Your Client Id

Any SSD Data Recovery customer with an open order can check their status: LIVE CUSTOMER ORDER STATUS PAGE. Here you can enter your unique 6 Digit Client ID number. Displaced your Client ID? CALL: 1-866-857-5950

No Data Recovered = No Recovery Cost To Customer

If Recover-SSD.Com is unable to "recover/retrieve data" from your SSD device for any reason after all attempts to retrieve your data have been exhausted, a notification/explanation letter will be provided to you. In the case of a no-success, an analysis fee will be assessed. No other fees of any kind will be processed.

Attempting To Recover Data From A Device That Has Already Had Previous Work Done To It

Recover-SSD.Com prices are among the lowest in the whole SSD data recovery industry. Other competitors utilize higher pricing schemes. (2 out of 4 cases evaluated in our labs are second attempts where the competition has failed to recover lost data). This is a most common practice in the SSD data recovery world. If the SSD device that you send into us has been previously worked on by a competitor, we would request that you disclose this to us when filling out the SSD Recovery Form.

Other Various Policy Details

You Satisfaction is very important to us. The sale of new storage products are warranted by Recover-SSD.Com for a minimum of 90 days (unless otherwise noted). Most of the New devices sold by us have a Factory Guarantee that ranges between 1 to 5 years. As per most manufacturer standards: a warranty can become void when manufactured products have been opened or become defective due to issues out of our control.

No Repair Possible = No Cost To Customer

If we are not able to effectively repair an SSD Device a letter explaining the situation will be sent when returning the unsuccessful recovery. There is no "NO CHARGE" for the corresponding recovery service (with the exception of the analysis fee). If you need to return merchandise, please contact us at 1-866-857-5950. Some devices undergo advanced recovery methods and may not be returned. This policy is in place in order to protect the secrets of our trade. If we are unable to return your device back, you may inquire about a written document that can be sent to you. This helps when you must return your device for a replacement.

What Should You Include/expect With Your Shipment

For every single SSD device sent into us; all enclosures, USB cables and appropriate plugs should be sent in. Any basic shipping or packaging material, shipping-boxes will not be returned. Everything shipping out of our labs will be shipped back in our own proper packaging.

Non-damaged Product Return Policy

If you wish to return any NEW bought products (very rare occurrence), Recover-SSD.Com will return or credit you within twenty days from the date of shipping. There is a possibility that a 20% restocking fee could be assessed. All of the sales are final on the 15th day or later.

Return Of Damaged Gear Info / Shipping/analysis Fees

Make sure to call our IT department prior to the shipping of any product back to us. Some issues can be solved by immediately contacting our technical staff. If you choose to ship the equipment back to us, it should be shipped back within the original shipping/packing material. Any return shipment has to be prepaid and insured in the amount of the invoiced value of the repaired/recovered item. Additional shipping charges apply for any express or overnight shipments. The Shipping/Analysis fee covers the shipping, analysis costs and time spent on the analysis/handling. When shipping back, the return shipping labeling should contain: Your Full Name, billing or shipping address, a single phone number as well as a copy of the order invoice or some kind of a written reason for the return.

Requesting Status Updates & Our SSD Recovery Rush Service Policy

Since we don't hold people's hands, we anticipate that every single Customer will carefully read the instructions on how to send materials with orders. We truly do our best when it comes to keeping costs to a minimum, the customers that refuse to follow and obey our status update policy will be billed a rush fee. If you require a rush service and are attempting to cut corners by continually asking for updates on a non rush case, rush fees will be assessed. This policy includes any services expected on or around holidays on cases which are not technically considered to be a rush. Recover damaged SSD files on the go. Here is our Check Status Updates/Client Page location. We have the right to hang on to any materials/SSD devices that are sent into our labs if any of the terms and conditions on this page are not followed or obeyed properly. All Rush orders are processed in a first in 1st out manner. If we are working on a Rush order, this case is put in the front of any regular (Not-A-Rush) queued cases. All Rush service is administered when our labs are open under normal working non-holiday hours. If a client opts in for a "rush" on any case, the rush fee will be applied (non refundable), whether we are able to successfully recover the data or not. Recover-SSD.Com reserves the right to add a rush fee to any case in which we feel that the Client is rushing a regular (non-rush) recovery process. If the rush fee is paid to us via a personal/business check, we have the right to keep all case materials up until the payment has completely cleared our bank/financial institution.
Do not call for any status updates unless over 1 week of time has passed from our last contact or mailing of your device. Example for you: a) customer ships their device into us, doesn't select the rush option on the form, b) customer starts calling and demanding status updates one time or more, they then commence to ask if their has arrived etc... If you need to know that your order arrived, please make sure and send your order to our labs via an elite Shipping carrier such as FedEx or UPS, and then you can follow-up with the tracking by going to that carrier's tracking page, it is not our responsibility to tracking your orders through these carriers. If a rush fee has been added to your case and you do not pay, we will not ship back your device/data unless the rush fee has been paid in full as your case was rushed. Please, we ask that you do not ruin this for everyone else. This is our way of saying thanks and keeping our costs to a minimum for You!

Requesting Technical Support - Or Technical Support On Devices Shipped In

Our IT staff is happy to offer their expert advice on any physical material/product shipped into Recover-SSD.Com. All support (phone/email) is available between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm (MST) Monday - Friday. Once client data is delivered back to the customer, we are not responsible for any additional IT support on the storage device that contains your data. If data is received and you require IT support on how to utilize the device, please do contact your own Technical Support department or local computer repair shop. All files that we recover are recovered exactly as they were on the original SSD device that was shipped into us. if you need help in opening the recovered files, you will need to get in touch with your IT/Computer department. The same applies for any issues with the workings of the data, data security, read or write access errors and any other issues or questions relating to the programs that are made to open the recovered files. All devices shipped back to you with data on them are plug/play, your computer must be configured properly, just plug the device in and copy or completely transfer the recovered data. If you still require support. a $150/hour fee will be assessed.

Accessing Your Recovered Data Online/FTP

Our IT staff is happy to upload/FTP all recovered data back to you securely by sending a link to the FTP stored files. Recover-SSD.Com is not responsible for any issues that you might be having with your internet connection due to slow Internet Service Provider bandwidth speeds. If there is more then 3 attempts at downloading the data on the same profile, we have the right to pull/remove any and all files, close out the FTP profile by treating the download service as being rendered. Our support team always asks for you to let us know once your downloading has complete from our servers, if you don't contact us in regards to this, we do reserve the right to again completely remove your profile and any data due to security reasons. If you request that we upload the files once again, another upload fee will be assessed once more.

Operating Systems & Retrieved Data - Unusual File Formats & Codecs

Our IT staff is happy to diagnose and test certain files. There are many files that we recovery which need a special codec or program that a customer will usually own that our company might not have access to, it's the customer's duty to ship this piece of software or any specialized codec that would be needed for us to be able to test the files to make sure that they open up in a correct way. You may email or ship the programs/codes along with your order. Our firm has the right to send out successfully recovered data to the client if we feel that the files are opening and working correctly (we will consider the case closed and data recovered successfully). Most of the video formats are able to be opened with this small piece of software; VLC. If our technicians are able to open your videos using the VLC program, than the files are considered to be in working order. For the various formats of picture/image files, consider utilizing Google Photos.Also, get an upgraded account so you can store more photos, ongoing. It's always better to have more space.

OS - (Windows/Linux/Mac Operating-Systems)

The data recovery services are performed on a Windows OS (Operating System), if your data is Zipped up (.zip file format) or Rar'd (.rar file format), all files are delivered to the customer in a windows based format. If you are on an Apple/Mac system, we recommend that you expand all of the files onto another (presumably external) drive that can be utilized by both Windows and Mac based Operating Systems. Once your data is completely uncompressed... you may plug the drive into a Mac OS and utilize the recovered files.

Archives / Archived Data Return - Retrieving Saved / Archived Recovery

Once client data is archived after a successful recovery, the customer can request an additional copy of the recovered data (After 30 Days of recovery service). An Archive fee of $100.00 will be assessed per Hour to retrieve and restore the archived files. In most cases this will usually apply to customers that end up requesting copies of their data that was successfully recovered at a previous time and then deleted/lost again for reasons beyond the control of Recover-SSD.Com

Legalities And Policy

Our Firm cannot guarantee a successful recovery in all SSD data recovery situations. I fully understand that I am not (in any way) guaranteed a successful recovery or that any data/files are going to be successfully recovered from you device regardless of any implied or expressed written or comments. I fully indemnify, hold harmless and defend Recover-SSD.Com from any liability, action, demand, losses, liens, damage, recovery costs, court judgments, and expenses, which include reasonable attorney fees which have arisen out from the result of any Recover-SSD.Com services. I fully agree to pay any and all judgments, costs, fees, fines, attorney fees & expenses that have been incurred from any legal or court proceedings against me.

Bad Credit Clients/customers

Recover-SSD.Com can make Customer information public in regards to clients that have a long & outstanding bill or balance on their SSD Data Recovery account. In order to avoid all of this, please do make good on any past due balances since you did agree to have your SSD device recovered.

Additional Service Fees

(This is an extremely rare occurrence) Our firm will bill you fees which can cover the shipping if needed when proper postage/shipping contained are not applied in a correct way, we will also charge additional fees to cover any transaction expenses of all kinds. If a client fails to ship or electronically send in the proper form of payment and time is wasted on our part to collect payment that was not sent into us as requested, we do have every right to charge additional fees for the time that is spent on collecting these required/requested payments. Our firm charges additional fees to cover any/all taxes that we have to pay as these costs to us are above the normal SSD data recovery fees that we receive. This is all in place as a way for us to cover additional expenses which will in turn prevent the raising of our data recovery fees.

SSD Data Recovery Trade Secrets

Recover-SSD.Com will not share the process or technique of SSD data recovery as these methods are considered to be the industry's trade secrets which have been learned over time in our labs. If a service is canceled by the customer after an SSD service has started, we will absolutely not disclose any information in regards to the recovery attempts that have been attempted. SSD Data recovery methods and all techniques utilized to recover, repair and deliver recovered data are kept strictly confidential and secret.

Bad/bounced Checks - Bad/declined Credit Cards - Payment Stops - Forgotten/unclaimed Items

Recover-SSD.Com does not tolerate bad or bounced checks, invalid credit cards or payments stopped by customers for services that have already been rendered and will report those individuals who do not issue proper and valid checks, credit cards or valid credit card numbers. This is all considered to be a misdemeanor offense. A bad check, an invalid credit card number or stopping payment on a credit card/check is subject to a $150.00 fee and any additional costs incurred by us. If a check was sent to you from us and you lost/damaged it, there is going to be a $40.00 fee in the case that we need to place the check as well as to stop payment.Nevada's (State Law) guarantees to this agreement and any other disputes that might arise there resulting in a litigation or trial shall be completely litigated in the courts of the State of Nevada. If there is a litigation that arises or is required where the United States law or the Nevada state law doesn't hold precedence, the Receiving Party AGREES to litigation/trial under the law or the regional law which is based on the current or any new physical address of the receiving party or your current & legal physical address. If a customer tells us (via e-mail/phone or voice, etc) that they are thinking about a decision to either move forward or not on a data recovery quote/project/order and if we don't hear back from the customer within 24-48 hours than we (Recover-SSD.Com) have the right to archive/recycle your SSD device into our possession.If an SSD data recovery service has been started/started, we are not going to halt the attempt at SSD recovery unless you notify us in regards to this matter in writing. (on really difficult types of recoveries, the whole process may take quite a bit of time in order to have a success) By you visiting our website or by sending in any Recover-SSD.Com forms to us, you do agree that you completely understand and agree to our details on this Terms & Conditions page and it's policy. All devices, media or equipment that is unclaimed after 14 days is destroyed in our labs. Additional repairs that are requested by the client for any/all devices carry an additional cost/per device as is clearly stated on our pricing page.

SSD Data Recovery Services Already Started - Fees For Cancelation Of Recovery

All case and file authorizations (Filled-out/Signed/Printed Forms, Return Media Authorization/Tracking Numbers or RMA Numbers) are binding agreements between the client and Recover-SSD.Com after a required credit card has been placed on the Customer's file. Our SSD data recovery firm has the right to cancel any and all data recovery services before any of the recovery/analysis/lab/any other fees have been collected and will immediately stop all work on the case and return the undamaged SSD device to you with a return shipping label paid by you, the customer. If the client decides to cancel the recovery process after work has already been performed, has been started, after the arrival of you device or if we have to collect a debt, the customer will incur a cancellation or data recovery lab/service fee of a $150.00. If you are agreeing to advanced recovery or simple fix type recovery work/analysis, payment is due or not-refunded if there is a success with the recovery, or not (either way).Our billing department can accept most forms of payment including major credit cards. Recover-SSD.Com accepts business Purchase Orders (PO) on approved conditions/terms. Recover-SSD.Com does its best to perform SSD recovery within the time frame allocated/quoted. However, there are other issues and circumstances which are outside our control. At times, we might require more time for the recovery. After any work has started or performed, if you decide to cancel any work due to a delay in the recovery time, you would be held responsible for a cancellation fee, unless we are notified in writing (letter or email) for us to halt on the recovery process. If a final warning has been given to a client for them to contact us and then we (Recover SSD) have to find/locate your SSD device after the warning has passed/expired there is a $100.00 archive fee assessed. (All basic recovery analysis are $20.00, the advanced recovery option analysis is between $90.00-$150.00, the simple fix type recoveries are varied by quote and can be anywhere between $100.00-$450.00 - successful data recovery/delivery fee's/costs in the advanced recovery option are $150.00+$1800.00 and (+) parts (in most cases, 8% of the SSD recovery fee).We are going to scrap all client SSD devices/drives or other storage/equipment media that is not claimed within 14 days unless a recovery process of any kind gas started. Each SSD device that is shipped to us carries a $20.00 shipping/analysis fee. All requests for payment refunds have to be sent to Recover-SSD.Com in writing (email, letter) within the first two weeks (14 days) after you receive the storage device/data. None of this includes any software/programs or OS's (Operating System), etc. If you signed off on the form and the analysis/shipping fee is not included with your order upon arrival, Recover-SSD.Com reserves the right to go forward and bill/charge services fees up to $75.00 per case.

Shipping Conditions & Terms - Damaged Shipments- Package/letter Handling Policy

Physical External/Internal Damage to any device, product/package or package contents have to be reported to Recover-SSD.Com (all premier carriers such as UPS & FedEx) in a fast and timely manner (or within 1 week, whichever comes first). We cant file a shipping/tracking claim on behalf of clients for any shipping package damage, the client has to contact and sign off to the proper shipping carrier that is responsible for the broken products/devices/shipment or damage. Recover-SSD.Com is absolutely not responsible in any way for lost SSD devices/media or any other media that is sent to us improperly. When shipping your device, avoid sending in SSD devices in the plain business type envelopes as Recover-SSD.Com has no control over this and is not responsible for any issue that arise from this improper way of sending your device to us. Shipping SSD devices in an acceptable and durable package is your responsibility in every single case.When shipping data/devices back to you. we use USPS as our default carrier on all shipment unless otherwise stated or requested in writing by the Customer in advance. If a device or shipment is lost, broken, damaged or returned to you with a piece of the hardware or anything else missing, this is out of our control and is not the responsibility of Recover-SSD.Com. We will not track/insure or request a signature type delivery package unless this is requested in writing by the customer in a timely manner before each shipment is handled, managed, made or shipped out. All of these shipping and tracking requests/arrangements must be made well before the SSD data recovery service is started. If you would like to add special Shipping/Tracking Requests/Instructions (This is for Return Shipping Only) via a premier carrier such a DHL, FedEx, UPS or any other shipping company/party that is not USPS - Add an additional $30.00 (USD) - Or if an International Order, Add 20.00 (Euro's) We charge an additional fee of $5.00 if the Customer does not have enough postage value that had been pre-paid when initially shipping your SSD device and our firm has to make special arrangements/trips to visit the shipping carrier centers such as FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL and others.Sending / Handling / Shipping Services During National Holidays - It is the client's job and responsibility to completely understand that the days/dates surrounding major holidays might present an issue where the items/SSD devices are not shipped / delivered / handled & worked-on on time or are somewhat delayed in being shipped / serviced / worked-on. It is not our responsibility to have to deal with these types of problems, issues and time consuming delays. Recover-SSD.Com also believes that if the shipment is placed on hold or delayed, our shipping department will make an attempt to retrieve these packages once we are back in the offices.
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