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Your Recovery Takes About 1-3 Days or Less After Receiving Your Storage Device

Data recovery on a solid state drive (SSD) is possible when you have the tools, experience, and know-how when working with NAND based storage. So, if you need data recovered, fill out this form or call to talk with a SSD Data Recovery Professional.
Start Data Recovery
Describe problem. Give details of lost data, such as image scenery, file types, folders, and dates. Tell us what happened to the device when it failed, in as much detail as possible: How it broke, etc. Also, describe the crucial data, files, folder names, etc that you need to be recovered. What Data To Recover?
RUSH service places your order at the FRONT of our QUEUE for recovery (12-24 hours or less in most cases). You MUST Include $450.00 (USPS money order) when shipping your materials in. Mark your package with the words RUSH in red if possible. Rush fees are separate and not applied towards recovery fees. Need your data recovered right away?
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