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Recover Damaged SSD | Repair Corrupt Solid State Drive

Equipped with cutting edge resources, certified professionals here recover damaged SSD devices. Additionally, we rescue data to provide a complete solution to our clients. Our skilled engineers understand the complexity of SSD recovery. Thus, ensuring the greatest results. When it comes to data retrieval from all the leading SSD brands available on the market, we are your best option. If you're looking for data rescue experts, you have come to the right place. Our goal is to provide the best service, and to give you complete satisfaction. Nevertheless, providing consumers and professionals solutions for damaged SSD disk recovery. Certainly, all data lost or damaged is recoverable.

Damaged SSD

Salvaging data from corrupt SSDs requires experience. Even though, this is true, it may take several days for a full recovery. Compared to traditional HDDs, SSDs are much more sophist acted. With more advanced storing processors, these drives are more reliable. This facilitates users by providing extremely fast data reading and storing capabilities. However, when these drives do fail, rescuing data is even more complicated. Requiring hard labor, sharp knowledge, and perfect tools to recover, and repair corruption. We currently recover over 95% of all devices received. Although, both physical and logical damage is present, your data is recoverable.

Procedure Involved in Recovering Damaged SSD

The best option to recover all data from a damaged SSD, is to call the professionals. Data recovery software programs usually leads to a serious data loss situation. SSD recovery software are sometimes successful, even though, you risk further data corruption. Also, the risk of potential permanent data loss is enough to alarm users. However, consulting with our certified experts will clarify things up for you. For every damaged SSD received, this is the procedure as followed.

• Upon receiving a damaged SSD, experts first note the cause of data corruption. After, we run a diagnostics to determine whether it's logical or physical malfunction.

• Further investigation into the SSD damage determines the probability for a successful recovery.

• Technicians use state-of-the-art SSD recovery tools. Creating a sector - by sector mirror image of corrupted data, your data is recoverable.

• Recovered data gets shipped back to the customer after a successful recovery. Using either USPS or by uploading customer data to an FTP site and sending a download link via email.

Did Your Solid State Drive Stop Working?

• Avoid using SSD drive and copying files to/from the drive to prevent more data loss.
• Stop using your drive if you encounter storage failure or malfunction on the drive.
• Understand the root problem of your broken SSD before using software programs.
• Contact a data recovery expert immediately.

Recover important data from your damaged SSD within 24 hours. We understand how important your files are. Engineers provide instant access to your recovered data via a high speed FTP server. This will allow you to directly download your files from the internet.
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