SSD Data Recovery Pricing

What to Expect with our File Recovery Process?

All newly submitted cases include the following 4-Step Process.
A Free Evaluation! Once analyzing your device, a price quote will be discussed with you.
ONLY PAY Data Recovery Fees when data is recovered!
Your choice of HOW recovered data is returned to you. We provide options for drives to place recovered data.
Turn Around is 2-3 days. Hence, once it arrives, we will call you.
Finally, get data from SSD drive problems. We call you after our “Free Evaluation at our SSD recovery lab”.

On average, Recover-SSD shares a 95% success rate. Recover-SSD has gained skills, knowledge, and expertise for over 20+ years performing 1,000s of file recovery cases on many different storage devices.

How Much Does SSD Recovery Cost?

Basic Recovery - Under $150
Basic, recover SSD data recovery is for straight forward file recoveries, where simple circuit replacements or minimum microscopic lab work's required for a successful data recovery case. Start a BASIC RECOVERY Case Now!
Advanced Recovery - Quoted on Arrival + Free Evaluation
Before Beginning Any Advanced File Recovery Service, We'll Discuss Costs With You Verbally.
Advanced File Recovery is for multiple hours under a microscope environment. It covers repair work, extensive lab time & could require clean room time. The following situations are involved with advanced data recovery cases. Start an ADVANCED RECOVERY Case Now!
Soldering, circuit repair, logic board work, chip replacement, rewiring work.
Microscope work, algorithm development, error correcting code algorithms (ECC), corrupt data sets and pinout development.
When SSD components fail, damaged SSD data recovery takes place.

How Do I Receive Retrieved Files Back In My Possesion?

You Can Choose One or Both Options Below.
Instant Download
Price dependent on total size of files recovered from device.
Equal or Less than 16GB - $35
Between 16GB and 32GB - $50
More than 32GB - $50 + $25 each additional 16GB
This choice here allows you to download your files from a link we email you. This benefits customers who don't want to wait on the recovered files being delivered by mail, USPS, etc.
New USB or Hard Disk Recovery Drive
Dependent on total size of data recovered from your device.
USB Drive - Prices on 'Begin New Case' Form 
External Drive - Prices on 'Begin New Case' Form
The choice you make here includes mailing back a new storage device. We put your recovered files on this storage drive and ship the drive directly to you at your home, office, etc. Your recovered files are now safely back in your hands.
Emergency SSD Recovery - Additional Add On Services
Our RUSH service means your case's moved to the front of the line. Your data recovery work's started as soon as we receive your device and not stopped until we get your data or realize the data cannot be recovered. If you have questions about anything, please call.
Rush Service: $450
Rush Your Order for fastest service. Rush orders are handled as first in first out. Rush orders are put in front of any non rush orders.

SSD Recovery Pricing.

Solid-state drives (SSDs) have become a popular storage option due to their speed and reliability. However, like any storage device, they are still prone to failure. And, if disaster strikes, you may need to consider data recovery. Data recovery is the process of retrieving lost, corrupted, or damaged data from a failed SSD storage device.

How much does Data Recovery from SSD Cost?

What are the Challenges Affecting SSD Recovery Pricing?

  • The cost of data recovery from an SSD depends on various factors, including the severity of the issue, the amount of data that needs to be recovered, and the time and effort required to recover the data.

    What are some of the factors that influence the pricing of SSD recovery?

  • The severity of the issue: The more severe the issue, the more time and effort it will take to recover the data, which can increase the cost of recovery.
  • The amount of data to be recovered: The more data that needs to be recovered, the longer it will take and the more expensive the recovery will be.
  • The type of SSD: The type of SSD can also affect the cost of data recovery. For example, recovering data from a PCIe-based SSD can be more challenging and time-consuming than from a SATA-based SSD, which can affect the pricing.
  • The speed of the service provided: Different data recovery services are available. A rush service becomes a necessity often. For example, tax season or weddings. Each data recovery provider has different SSD recovery pricing models. In conclusion, important factors come into focus based on expertise, location, and reputation.

What are the Factors to SSD Recovery?

The final cost of SSD recovery can be below $250 with basic SSD recoveries. If SSD data recovery becomes more complex, advanced recovery will be needed. Advanced recovery quotes are provided before any services start. However, the cost can vary depending on the factors mentioned herein.


In conclusion, data recovery from SSDs can be expensive, and the cost can vary depending on various factors. However, the cost of recovery is often worth it, especially if you have important data that you can't afford to lose. If you're experiencing issues with your SSD and need data recovery services, it's important to choose a reputable service provider and ask for a quote upfront to avoid any surprises. Remember, prevention is always better than cure, so it's essential to back up your data regularly to avoid the need for data recovery services.
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