Solid State Drives Vs. Traditional Hard Disk Drives

How great would it be if the benefits of two excellent technologies were combined to make a single technological breakthrough move in the field of technology? We are of course talking about cloud storage and SSD drives. Many popular cloud service providers now provide SSD powered cloud storage services. In other words, fast solid state drives are now being used in combination with cloud storage to enjoy the benefits of both.

You might be aware of the benefits of cloud computing. Many organizations have started adopting cloud computing methodology as a main form of storing/backing up data because of the fact that they can use this service in a pay-as-you-use type of business plan. If you have chosen cloud storage mechanism for your data storage need, then you will be required to use computing resources over a network or server. Another point to make, you will not actually have to manage the resources yourself; instead, resource management would be done by your cloud storage service provider. Moreover, you will be able to reduce capital costs since you will not have to invest on new technology infrastructure for your business.

The advantages of Solid State Drives (SSDs) over traditional Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) are durability, reliability and speed. In other words, performance of solid state drives is better when compared to that of a traditional hard disk drive. So, when SSDs are used with cloud storage, customers would get more reliable, flexible and faster storage service compared to traditional HDD cloud solutions. Until about a decade ago, solid state drives were very expensive. So, regardless of all its benefits, individuals or organizations were not able to make a use of this new technology, the SSD. Later, with technological advancements, and fair market competition, solid state drives became reasonably priced as well as really popular among both businesses and individuals alike.

In fact, SSDs became popular not only in the personal and business computer market, but also in the cloud storage industry. Solid State Drives started moving into the cloud, replacing traditional Hard Disk Drives. Cloud service providers have always tried to introduce exciting offers and services to their customers so they can stay ahead of the competition. As part of this marketing strategy, many popular cloud service providers started working very hard to include solid state drives in their cloud servers. Cloud storage that makes use of solid state drives help users enjoy faster, reliable and flexible cloud service at affordable rates.

SSD powered cloud storage can offer better quality of service in today’s busy business world. Your data and applications will load faster because the data is fetched from the fast SSDs. Solid state drive powered cloud storage would be more useful and effective for customers who have performance sensitive and business critical applications due to a number of reasons. First of all, business critical applications usually frequent access of data which can be accomplished easily with cloud services that use solid state drives. Secondly, customers can enjoy the SSD powered cloud services without worrying about disruption.

Different cloud service providers have introduced different service models varying in storage capacity and price. If you are looking for high performance cloud storage services, then make the wise decision and opt in for an SSD powered cloud storage service. You could choose a package that meets both your needs and expectations in terms of performance, storage capacity and budget. In short, SSD is a true differentiator for cloud computing services and SSD powered cloud storage is going to be the cloud storage system of the future.
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