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SSD recovery is a process in which an SSD disk data recovery service is performed on an SSD storage device. This type of a data recovery method often utilizes the most advanced and complex types of SSD disk recovery techniques to recover lost data from a storage device.


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Reasons for a common SSD device to require an SSD Recovery

Many different issues can lead to a device that requires SSD disk data recovery service. It could be a physical, logical or a user made error that could potentially cause data loss or data inaccessibility. To recover SSD, one must first locate the issue. Recover-SSD.Com has over 20 years of experience in recovering data and can help recover SSD data from just about any type of an SSD device. Bellow you will find more information relating to the types of SSD recovery methods as well the types of issues and damage that can lead to a need for a data recovery expert that can recover SSD drives.

Here is a short list of possible Solid State Drive issues that you could be experiencing with your SSD disk.

• The Device Gets Physically Damaged (Device is dropped, kicked, water damaged)

• The Micro Controller or the firmware located inside of the device is corrupted

• The device suddenly stops showing up in Windows or Mac (Macintosh), or the device is overheating

• Data is deleted or a format is performed by accident

• Power surges can also fry internal components where the actual circuitry on the inside of the device overheats and burns out.

Methods of Performing SSD Disk Recovery

There are various different ways of performing an SSD recovery, and choosing the right technique and method can be somewhat challenging. The different recovery methods can be categorized into two different categories, physical hardware recovery and a logical software recovery. A physical recovery can usually be successful when attempting to recover SSD that has been physically damaged. A logical software SSD disk data recovery method is helpful when there is firmware corruption on the device or if some of the actual customer data has been corrupted on the NAND flash memory chips.

Bellow is a short list of methods that could be utilized to perform an SSD recovery.

Perform a Basic Recovery on device (Software and Hardware type of a data recovery method)

Minor Circuit Repair and Replacement

Extensive circuit and computer chip repair and replacement under a Microscope

NAND chip data recovery. Recovering data directly from a NAND flash memory chips

We understand the importance and the urgency of a successful recovery of your data. Once your device is submitted, you can have your data back in as little as 24 hours anywhere on the planet.