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SSD Device Size Recovery Fee's - US Dollars Recovery Fee's - Euros
64GB OR LESS $150.00 Euro 115.00
120 to 128GB $250.00 Euro 191.00
240 to 256GB $350.00 Euro 267.00
ANYTHING OVER 256GB $450.00 Euro 349.84

Optional Services

Rush Service
Rush Your Order for fastest service. Rush orders are handled as first in first out. Rush orders are put in front of any non rush orders.
$250.00 Euro 191.00
Shipments Back With Tracking
Track Your Shipments Back with a Tracking Number. (Non tracked shipping to customers is FREE by default, when paying the $20 shipping & analysis fee).
$30.00 Intl. Add Euro 23.00
SSD drives requiring more then 2-3 hours of service in a lab may require more time. These cases WILL BE discussed with you & quoted PRIOR to you approving & beginning ANY service. YOU reserve the right once quoted to decline ANY SSD recovery services. If declined, we simply send your device back with no additional fees.