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Recover Damaged SSD | Repair Corrupt Solid State Drive

We are an SSD data recovery team of certified professionals equipped with cutting edge resources to recover damaged SSD devices and rescue data to provide a complete solution to our clients. Our engineers are skilled and understand the complexity of SSD recovery and therefore can ensure a maximum result when it comes to data rescue from all of the leading SSD brands available on the market. If you are looking for data rescue experts, you have come to the right place.  Our goal is to provide the best service and to give you complete satisfaction by providing you with a solution that allows you to recover your damaged SSD and rescue every single bit of lost data in the shortest possible amount of time.


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Damaged SSDWhen it comes to salvaging data from corrupt SSD, even well equipped and experienced data recovery engineers could potentially need several days to fully recover all data. After comparing a Solid State Drive to a traditional data storing device, SSD’s are much more advanced and use a sophisticated storing process that facilitates users by providing extremely fast data reading and storing capabilities. However, when these drives do fail, rescuing data is even more complicated and requires hard labor, sharp knowledge, and perfect tools to recover and repair the corruption and errors to make a successful recovery. We currently recover over 95% of all devices received even when both physical and logical damage is present in the storage drive.


Procedure Involved in Recovering Damaged SSD

The best way to recover damaged SSD is by only letting professional data recovery engineers work on your solid state drive. If you are using software programs to recover your files without having an understanding of the core cause of SSD corruption and damage within the drive, then this can lead to a serious data loss situation. Although utilizing software for SSD recoveries can be successful, the process does pose a risk for further corruption and may cause permanent data loss. However, consulting our certified experts can help recover corrupt files manually using the following techniques.

• Upon receiving damaged SSD, our expert technicians first note the cause of data corruption and run a diagnosis to determine whether there is logical damaged or physical malfunction.

• We investigate further to look for any other SSD damages in the media and estimate the time required for successful recovery.

• Using sophisticated SSD recovery tools and technologies, we determine the amount of data that can be rescued and then create an absolute sector-by-sector mirror image of the corrupt SSD data.

• After a successful recovery, data is shipped back to customer via USPS mail or by uploading customer data to an FTP site and sending a download link via email.

In case of Solid State Drive Data Loss

• Avoid using SSD drive and copying files to/from the drive..
• Stop using your drive if you encounter storage failure or malfunction on the drive.
• Avoid the use of software programs without an understanding of the root cause for the broken device.
• Contact a data recovery expert immediately.

We understand the importance of your data and can recover damaged SSD devices within 24 hours. We also provide instant access to your data via a high speed FTP server which allows you to directly download your data from the internet.