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Restore and Repair Failed Solid State Drive | Fix Broken SSD

Compared to other data storage devices, Solid State Drives are considered to be safe due to the non moving parts contained within the media that can resist the physical shock and other wear and tear problems.  However, this does not mean that solid state drives are completely data loss resistant. Restoring failed SSD is the process of repairing and restoring broken SSD devices and salvaging lost files from the media. Turning failed SSD data from a broken device is a complicated process and it is very important to hire certified and experienced data recovery professionals equipped with the latest tools and technology. We are one of the few reputable companies in United States expert at restoring failed SSD and repairing broken SSD disk in the shortest possible span of time giving you the best result.


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Broken SSDWe salvage data from all leading brands and models of solid storage devices that experienced a severe data corruption situation. Our engineers are qualified experts devoted for years in Solid State Drive restoring business and have a high success rate of salvaging data from all types of malfunctioning and broken SSD disk. Most of the restoring SSD tasks and fixing broken SSD disk devices are performed within 24 hours, but this is still all dependent on the complexity and damage caused to the solid state drive.  Our engineer’s labor tirelessly until every single bit of data is successfully restored from broken SSD.


What Leads to the Need of Disaster Recovery?

There are various reasons where an individual or business would require an urgent data recovery service. Some common reasons for drive failure are as follows:

• Need for restoring failed SSD due to mishandling and the exposing of storage media to extreme temperatures.
• Exposing your storage device to a strong magnetic field can ultimately lead to SSD disaster.
• The need for a repair from a broken SSD due to power outages, spikes and surges during the use of the drive.
• Restoring broken SSD due to virus attacks within the storage media.
• Repairing SSD due to the accidental deletion of files and forgotten passwords which can lead to inaccessible/corrupted data.

There can also be other reasons for storage failure. A solid state drive comes with many features such as silent operation, fast data storage and the reduction of power consumption. A negative concern for an SSD device is that SSD’s have a limited number of write cycles and this can eventually lead to storage media failure and the need for repairing SSD.

Know Before Repairing Solid State Drive

Repairing solid state drive requires new and complex methods of recovery instead of traditional recovery techniques. With the solid state drive being a new technology recently introduced throughout the markets, many data recovery companies are not equipped with the correct scientific approach for repairing solid state drive which can often result to an unsuccessful recovery and serious damage to the storage media. As repairing solid state drive can be tough and time consuming, it’s extremely important to hand over such tasks to experts with data recovery experience. Many people tend to ignore that fact and try software recoveries that often lead to serious data damage due to the absence of standard recovery programs built for broken SSD. Hence, using unnecessary software to salvage files from failed and broken SSD can create permanent damage to the device and can lead to an unrecoverable state.